Here we go again

Tom Ross

So here we are with a new site, new look and new blog; it only took us six years. Self deprecation aside I'm happy that we made it to this point, and even happier to showcase some of our recent projects.

Rather than bore you with agency-style blog posts that boast our professional prowess, we're using this blog to share the kinds of things that make us tick including:

- Q&A's with interesting people - New media profiles - New issue alerts for some of our favourite media - Playlists and mixtape's compiled by ourselves and our friends - Observations and trends we're into

Before finishing up I'd like to sincerely thank our clients and the great people we've worked with along the way. Getting to work with passionate, dedicated and creative types has to be the biggest perk of the job. Hello Bentley? I wouldn't say no to a Phantom though.


IMAGE Tom Ross - Brilliant Creek.