Part 2. Sneakers are back baby!

rihanna chanel sneakers paris 2014 Following last week's post about sneakers' return to the fashion psyche, Karl Lagerfeld yesterday placed sneaker-clad models on the runway for the second time of late.

The last 18 months has seen New Balance infiltrate fashion blogs with the fash-bloggerati trading their bejewelled Miu Miu's for a pair of NB420's. Prior to this the only sneakers gracing the fashion pages were Vans Authentic/Era as the fashion aesthetic has slowly shifted from vintage to sport.

The sneaker was courted by the runways for the first time in a decade in 2012 when Isabel Marant debuted her sneaker wedge. The now-ubiquitous Marant shoe was quickly followed by Marc Jacob's sneaker wedge (2012), Converse's first sneaker wedge (2012), Nike's first sneaker wedge (2012/13), Vans' sneaker wedge (2013), Adidas' sneaker wedge (2013) and most recently Converse's sneaker wedge update (2014).

Testament to the trend's mainstream crossover the Wall Street Journal published an interesting editorial in January, while Elle USA published its own article the following month after the release of Adidas' Stan Smith (filtering through blogs as we speak).

This newfound love of the comfort shoe screams to the world that sneakers are here to stay. Hooray!