What we make of #normcore

larry david So apparently the term 'Normcore' has been misappropriated largely due to an over-edited piece that featured in New York's The Cut last week.

According to Dazed Digital, the trend forecasting agency who coined the phrase claim it's been used out of context. Read the Dazed article here, but if you want to save yourself a few minutes this is our interpretation: "people who bounce from one subculture to the next without any consideration/understanding/care for the principles behind it."

So be warned that dressing like Obama at Camp David will find you 'Acting Basic' and  teaming a black turtleneck with stonewash jeans and sneakers (even if worn ironically) will find you more 'Dressing like Ashton Kutcher in Jobs'  and less 'Being a Successful Creative with Celebrity Friends like Larry David'. There. Said it.