May 2014.

Greaser bar launch publicity.

Brisbane, Australia.


Honour, whisky, flick knives, train tracks, denim, drive-ins and The Outsiders. What? It’s the inspiration behind the newest addition to Brisbane’s burgeoning bar scene, Greaser

Open to the public Friday May 2Greaser weaves it patrons through a back alley and fully-functioning commercial kitchen before the dingy basement bar is revealed in its rebellious glory. Walls are adorned with vintage photographs and the bluesy rock’n’roll vibe provides a sin-camouflaging backdrop for good times ahead.

Greaser serves cheeseburgers to rival California’s greatest while the marinated southern fried chicken is rumoured to induce tears. Don’t like pickles in your burger? Order a ‘Pickleback’ and try them with whisky and spicy brine instead. If dark spirits aren’t your thing grab a ‘Pony Boy Paloma’ with tequila, lime juice and grapefruit soda - all syrups, juices and foams are made in-house by experienced cocktail staff. The beer offering ain’t no slouch with local and American craft beers on tap and in high rotation.

If the first challenge is finding the entrance, the second is resisting the fried chicken. But the third? Just try leaving the place.

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